Museu Histórico

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Impressos desenvolvidos em conjunto com a equipe de do Museu Histórico de Londrina.

Projetamos uma coleção de boletins e catálogos de exposições temporárias.

Things kicked off on Saturday, with East London darling Holly Fulton. Taking inspiration from the late British surrealist artist Eileen Agar, Fulton infused her collection with a psychedelic attitude and collage-like assemblance. A kaleidoscopic mix of graphic prints and crystal embellishments were met with cascading ruffles and Fulton’s signature embellishments. The bold Bella Tige wedge served as the perfect foil for the louboutin amsterdam collection - merging the optimistic personality of prints and silhouettes with a modern shape that captured the off kilter style of Agar’s work. Key prints in the collection were wrapped around the body of the wedge, while the top of the shoe donned the collection’s harmonic colour palette—a leather band of navy blue, forest green, orange, lavender, and teal. The louboutin amsterdam shoes were styled with opposing prints, further bolstering the collaged nature of the collection.

Coleção de boletins
Catálogo - Exposição José Juliani